Sunday, February 7, 2010

Outlandish News: Reporting Live From CNN Headquarters

Following in the footsteps of my inspiration Zimmi Warwick, I'm off on the trail of hard hitting Second Life Journalism. Where better to start a career in the news than the place more Americans get their news, CNN?

That's right, noble readers, CNN has their own island specially dedicated to iReporters in Second Life. As the sign says, its unedited, unfiltered news. So I guess they won't mind if I grab their branded gear and wear it for my report. At the signs (shown below) you, too, can get your very own CNN microphone, ballcap, press pass and reporting pose. For the more. . .*ahem*. . .serious journalists, there's also information on how to become an iReporter. You, too, can cover Second Life for CNN without pay, all while maintaining no rights to your stories if they make the real news.

Having cleared my first hurdle in becoming a serious naked reporter it was on to the newsroom. I realize that most reporters prefer to sit behind the desk to laying on it. You really should try it, though, if you get the chance. They're more comfortable than they look. Everywhere you go, CNN is kind enough to remind you that iReport is unedited and unfiltered.
If that's not an invitation to a little naked reportage, I don't know what is. Now right above me is a lovely piece of work that I just couldn't get in frame. So here's a separate shot of your second favorite naughty reporter (after Zimmi) with the iReport camera.

I should take a little aside to note that I only ever saw one person at CNN HQ besides myself. There's a weekly briefing at 2PM SLT and I imagine that's the only time it sees much use. Serious reporters should probably stop by this Mature sim then.The briefing is held in the exceptionally lovely amphitheater as seen here. . .

You would think that this is it. They have recruiting tools, a news room and a press conference area. What else could the world premier news network possibly need? Well it turns out that the CNN news hub is packed with other fun things. Right nearby is a drive-in, complete with classic cars where you can watch CNN.

Or just sit back and unwind from a long day of reporting.Some of these cars are less than perfectly friendly and I got launched out of a good few before finding places to settle on these two. Still, there's something magical about the drive-in. Its the ultimate expression of car culture and disproportionately responsible for the conceptions of Generation X.
Once you've had your fill of drive-in news you can wander the various nature spots filled with gazebos, a mountain to climb and a family of happy deer. Mr. Deer told me that he is happy to be on the CNN reservation because its the only place in Atlanta that he's not in danger of being shot or run over. Seen behind us is the aforementioned mountain with a broken hang gliding experience at the top. Until they fix it, don't bother.
Well, it has been a long day of of reporting on reporting. Its a favorite passtime of the media but it can be draining after a while. Ready for a little break I headed over to the lake front coffeehouse. This place has a real war correspondent feel to it. It could be in any little third world country with its hardwood finish and folding chairs. The coffee's good, though.

Once again, I have to thank CNN for posting tacit permission to do this article in a clearly visible place. So, properly relaxed and having been all over the sim, it was about time to call it a day. I couldn't go back to my apartment all sweaty from my assignment, though. The bright lights and all the running around really build turn up the body heat. While I do love getting sweaty, I hate to leave an assigment smelling like I've just come from the cast of Survivor. Fortunately, right back near where I began, the lovely people of CNN were kind enough to provide somewhere to grab a quick shower before heading off camera.

Until next time, noble readers, I'm Professor Outlandish and this is the Outlandish News.

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