Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forest of Enchantment

The Forest of Enchantment is a really new BDSM friendly Romance area located in the sim Avant Hollow. As you can see from my picture here, it's a very pretty build. I assure you that there seem to be plenty of corners and cuddly areas. I didn't see an actual BDSM area but there is a crypt equipped with RLV enabled pilliths. No one was actually using them while I visited, but there was plenty of room. There's a mall too of course, with plenty of room if you want to open a store.

The picture here is textured and slightly enhanced in photoshop. Sorry I only took the one, maybe next time there will be more time.

1 comment:

  1. I found the sim (Avant) and had a nice look around. It's just as you say. The BDSM room has a few toys in it, reachable through a series of doors beyond the plinth area. They were empty when I was there also except for the moments I mounted them for a little thrill. *winks