Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween

Whatever your tradition may be, following your children around; or passing out candy; or those dancing naked in a cornfield with sheep's blood and rum drinks, and everyone in between... please have a safe and spooktacular All Hallow's Eve. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unfinished Work

Something I hope we get to finish someday. Max was shooting this when they tore down the sim. All that remains is the poster :(

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Interview with the Porn Star

I got to cuddle up with Alexus Minotaur of Minotaur Productions for a discussion of the Porn Industry in Second Life. We'd talked about doing this interview over a year ago, but just never made time. I think Olin Miller said "If you want to make a man harder, just keep putting him off." Or something like that...

A.M.: welcome to minotaur productions
CMNF NN: oh a lovely statue
A.M.: yeah
A.M.: a minotaur
A.M.: that keeps the entry
A.M.: hehe
A.M.: thats my vendorA.M.: of the who's who book
CMNF NN: i think i have a copy of that :)
A.M.: i guess
A.M.: =)
A.M.: i receive my visitors here
A.M.: and here it's the office where i work
A.M.: and plan my projects
A.M.: lol
CMNF NN smiles
A.M.: i hope you like it
CMNF NN: it's very spacious, but i'm partial to the view downstairs ;)
A.M.: lol
A.M.: let me show one last thing
CMNF NN: okay
A.M.: sometime i work hard so there's no time to fly to home
A.M.: so i sleep here
A.M.: this is the bed that i told you we can use
CMNF NN: it's pretty
A.M.: thanks
A.M.: =)
A.M.: so whats next? me being naked?
A.M.: i guess it's fair considerating that you are
CMNF NN: do you want to get comfortable and we can talk?
A.M.: sure
CMNF NN: you don't have to be naked
A.M.: well if you dont mind, i would like to be
A.M.: i feel more comfortable likethat
CMNF NN: then by all means, please do
A.M.: done
CMNF NN grins
A.M.: ok
A.M.: let's stay comfy
CMNF NN laughs

A.M.: this one is better
A.M.: lol
CMNF NN: good

A.M.: nice
A.M.: i hope you have considerated the sex interview that i propposed you
CMNF NN: oh yes
A.M.: or well you just dont need the interview and leave the other part lol
CMNF NN: well, i'm not as prepared as I should be, since i forgot to look at your web site this past week, but I do have some questions
CMNF NN: And I'll definately post this on Naughty Reporter
A.M.: sure
CMNF NN: So for your official interview, tell me about yourself, how long have you been in SL?
A.M.: well i'm here since 2008
A.M.: time pass really quick wow
CMNF NN: yes it does
A.M.: i remember when i still was noob
CMNF NN smiles
CMNF NN: what did you do as a noob that was memerable?
A.M.: well i started building furniture
A.M.: thats why i built this home
A.M.: i like to build
A.M.: but then i discover there was a community of pornstars
A.M.: so i was interested in the topic
CMNF NN grins
A.M.: and i thought that was a good way to live SL
CMNF NN: so you just jumped from furniture to porn making? nothing in between?
A.M.: well between i used to do the classic things that does people: visit discos, beachs, malls
A.M.: go to parties
A.M.: but basically
A.M.: i was interested in discover new place
A.M.: i'm an explorer
A.M.: so if you dont take in consideration the sex part, i'm an explorer and builder
A.M.: i like to create new stuff, proppose new ideas
CMNF NN: That's interesting, because basicly that's what I do too, explore. I admire these great builds people make and the stories behind them, but I've never been tempted to build on my own.
CMNF NN: so when you decided to hang out with the porn stars, what happened?
A.M.: you shoul try
A.M.: well let me think
A.M.: i guess that it was when one day i discovered a place
A.M.: yeah i remember it now
A.M.: i was exploring around
A.M.: and i found a place like a ghetto
A.M.: with you know, classic roles
CMNF NN: lots of those around
A.M.: black bad boys and blonde sluts
CMNF NN nods
A.M.: but besides that
A.M.: i noticed that they have a group
A.M.: and when i checked the profiles of members
A.M.: i saw they had links to movies
A.M.: i said: oh porn in sl?
A.M.: interesting
CMNF NN grins
A.M.: i guess that one of them was ruff
A.M.: yeah i saw movies of ruff and i said: nice girl, i can do that too
A.M.: so thats how i started to research
CMNF NN: Ruff is a woman?
A.M.: i made some pornstar friends
A.M.: Ruff is a man
A.M.: a director
A.M.: one of the oldest ones
CMNF NN: I see
A.M.: so well
A.M.: i started to apply as actor with different directors
A.M.: but in that time
A.M.: there was racism or i dont know how to call it
A.M.: because for male they only wanted black guys
A.M.: only one director gave me the chance
A.M.: nice man, actually he doesnt produce anymore
A.M.: but well after that i decied to make my own stuff by my way
A.M.: and choose my people
A.M.: so i started in a community where the rule was: black guys fuck blonde girls
CMNF NN: when was that? or in another way, how long have you been making your own porn?
CMNF NN: Oh, why Black guys on Blond girls?
A.M.: because i guess it's a classic fantasy
CMNF NN: oh, wait i get it now
A.M.: like 2 girls one guy
A.M.: lol
CMNF NN: right
CMNF NN: sorry, i mis read part of that
A.M.: lol
A.M.: dont worry
CMNF NN: anyway, how long have you been making your own porn?
A.M.: i guess like more thn 1 year
A.M.: not 2 years yet
A.M.: i started with a new format
A.M.: a trailer
CMNF NN: yes?
A.M.: in that time nobody did that i guess
A.M.: and i started to apply other effects and other ways to edit
A.M.: in that time it was something new, except of course the case of Kathrein
CMNF NN: by trailer you mean quick films? or cut downs of longer films that promote the long one?
A.M.: she is a pioneer director
A.M.: who does a good work
A.M.: cut downs to promote longer filsm
A.M.: films
CMNF NN: okay
A.M.: so i made a trailer for a tv show named pornstar hunter
A.M.: it was a nice project
A.M.: i shot 1 trailer and 2 episodes
A.M.: in that time i was dating with one of the top pornstars, so she participated in the trailer
A.M.: and was nice
CMNF NN: what was your premiss of the show?
CMNF NN: that was nice of her
A.M.: the idea was
A.M.: like a talk show
A.M.: where the host interview a pornstar
A.M.: and finish fucking her
A.M.: also in that time i had the support of Priscila Balogh
A.M.: another top
CMNF NN: okay, so what happened after two episodes?
A.M.: after that time i took a break
A.M.: but then i started to make photoshoots
A.M.: and thats what i do until now
A.M.: i noticed that my objective was working
CMNF NN: what's that?
A.M.: because then started to appear more directors breaking the rul eof black guy fucking blonde girl
A.M.: and started to innovate
A.M.: that was nice
CMNF NN: ah, okay
A.M.: i had an idea later
CMNF NN: yes?
A.M.: i saw the community growing and growing
A.M.: so i thought: there should be a way to organize them
A.M.: so new people can know who is who
A.M.: and thats how i decided to release the who's who guide
CMNF NN: I'm guesssing that was well recieved by the group, since so many participated in it
CMNF NN: how long did that project take?
A.M.: yes it was a sucess
A.M.: humm a couple of months i guess
A.M.: was a crazy work
A.M.: because i got a lot of people applying
CMNF NN: I'm sure it was a lot of work
A.M.: i guess it was a good idea based in how many applied
CMNF NN: did you know a lot of the people before you started the book, or were there mostly fresh faces to you?
A.M.: most of them were fresh faces
A.M.: but i also got the support of the tops
A.M.: and most popular people
CMNF NN: I know you're good friends with Emanuelle Jameson, and shee seems to be friends with just about eveyone.
A.M.: yes
A.M.: Ema is the most popular pornstar here
CMNF NN: How many projects have you done with her?
A.M.: she is the most hard working promoter of porn community here
A.M.: i made a photoshoot and we shot for a film, byut that last one never was published
A.M.: but it-s ok
CMNF NN: I know how that goes, I have a lot of unfinished projects myself
A.M.: yes
A.M.: but it's ok
A.M.: not all projects are perfect
A.M.: you need to fail first to suceed later
CMNF NN: So how do you think you are viewed by the Porn Community in SL? are you still a young upstart? or one of the old guard maybe? or what do you think your role is?
A.M.: i think they see me like someone who made some nice projects but actually is not so active as before
A.M.: but i'm still there walking around
CMNF NN: Are you comfortable with that? or do you want to get more active again?
A.M.: i would like
A.M.: not like make 1 movie per day
A.M.: but i would like to make more projects often
CMNF NN: How long does it take to make a Minotaur Production, usually. (not when you have to photograph every porn star in SL)
A.M.: haha
A.M.: well a movie takes 2-3 days if i have enough time to work everyday
A.M.: but the process of define an idea and get the stuff can take more
A.M.: so let's say that you can take 1 week to develop something
A.M.: of course investing all your spare time
A.M.: (that pose is good)
CMNF NN smiles
A.M.: do you need a massage?
A.M.: lol
CMNF NN: well, 1 project a week is very ambicious, i know, I'm lucky to get two stories a month on average in MY spare time.
CMNF NN: what are your plans for the future?
A.M.: yeah thats the point, i dont have so much spare time
A.M.: lol
A.M.: i'm planning to launch a magazine
A.M.: but with a different format than traditionals
CMNF NN: Are you going to tease me with any details on the record? or just keep that to yourself?
A.M.: sure
A.M.: i want to work comics
A.M.: i haven't see them a lot here
A.M.: of course there are people who have worked it before
A.M.: but i would like to try something new
CMNF NN: how will yours be different?
A.M.: well usually sex comics have a plot where everything is an excuse for the characters have sex
CMNF NN: kinda like porn moives?
A.M.: i dont know some like: the janitor that one day receive the visit of the rich tennant
A.M.: yeah kinda, it depends who makes it
A.M.: in porn movies some directors made a good work
A.M.: other make the easy way
CMNF NN: :) so you're influenced by those who do it the hard way
A.M.: in my case i want to develop something where sex is part of the sotry, not the whole one
A.M.: i always appreciate talent and hard work
A.M.: you can notice when someone worked
A.M.: and of course i like people who are not afraid to experiment new things
CMNF NN: so will you be writing your own stories for your magazine?
A.M.: yup
A.M.: do you mind if i check closer if you are blonde here down?
CMNF NN: any idea what kinds of stories? true romance? adventures? super heros?
CMNF NN: ah, i'm truely blond, but if you must check *ginr* go ahead, i've nothing to hide
A.M.: i always liked the adventure genre mixed with mistery
A.M.: ok, i'll make an inspection here
A.M.: it looks all correct here
CMNF NN grows a bit damp as you start your inspection.... "Ah, okay... what type of adventure mystery are you looking at? spy stories?
A.M.: yes, spy stories are a good idea
A.M.: also something where you can explore second life in different ways
CMNF NN: well, you shouldn't have any difficulty there
A.M.: yes, the idea is combine all my interestes
A.M.: interests
CMNF NN: who, would you say is your inspiration creatively? in RL or SL.  who are your the number one fan of?
A.M.: it depends
A.M.: in what genre or industry?
A.M.: btw, do you like the inspection?
CMNF NN: well, it doesn't have to be any particular genre or industry, you could say, Steven Spiellberg or marcel proust. or Ziraldo Alves Pinto
CMNF NN: mmmm, the inspection is making me hot
A.M.: oh well, i like the work of Tarantino for example, or the style of European comic creators like Milo Manara
CMNF NN: Both good choices, and i can see Manara's influence on your idea for the comic
A.M.: or chirstopher nolan
A.M.: yes i want some like that
A.M.: also i think in Sin City's of Frank Miller for my idea
A.M.: i guess we need to work harder in this pussy
CMNF NN: how has Sin City and Nolen influnced you?
A.M.: well i like that kind of narrative
CMNF NN squirms dribbling pussy jucie into your mouth
A.M.: how they tell the story and use the resources of the media
A.M. is having a big erection, he wonders if he can penetrates that blonde pussy
CMNF NN: do you think that's something that you can translate into porn, or even soft core porn?
A.M.: if you check Sin City it has a lot of erotic elements
A.M.: it's just that it's very suggestive, not so explicit
CMNF NN noticed your huge errection a long time ago.
A.M.: but like i told you the idea is not work with something so plain like: the plumber visit the hot milf in her house
A.M. thinks that Zimmi needs to help him with his erection
CMNF NN: okay, one three part question that may take some thought.
CMNF NN: What's your most important rule?  have you ever violated that rule? and if so, how did that work out?
A.M.: hummm
A.M.: i guess that be honest to myself and with the others
A.M.: sometimes i messed up yeah
A.M.: and that brings a lot of drama in sl
A.M.: but i always get the way to solve it, unless the person is using that just an excuse
CMNF NN smiles
A.M.: if people wants drama it's their problem
A.M.: not mine
CMNF NN: Sounds good
CMNF NN: So if someone reads my blog and wants to appear in a Minotaur Production, what should they do?
A.M.: just send me an IM, but with the idea that i'm looking for people who really love sex
A.M.: because you must enjoy everything that you do
A.M.: this is not a job, is a hobby a stylelife
CMNF NN grins
CMNF NN: anything else you'd like to say?
A.M.: Live your SL exactly like you want, dont make bad to people and if you are a hot girl looking for sex, call me
A.M.: lol
CMNF NN grins
A.M.: so now can we pass to the next level?
CMNF NN laughs
A.M.: this erection is killing me
CMNF NN: please
A.M.: nice
A.M.: lol
A.M.: hummm finally

For CMNF Naughty News, I'm Zimmi Warwick

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Art Works

I don't know if you've ever run across a place call "Art Box," it's well worth checking it. Run by an avatar named Frankie Rockett this quiet little build in Klaw (28, 20, 46)  really must be seen to be fully understood.

It consists of reproductions of many famous works of art, from Salvador Dali to Movie Posters. A temp rezzer puts up the set for the art work you choose and a pose ball for your subject (or yourself).
 Then it's up to you to compose your picture. You're free to go with the traditional version or to grab an angle of your own. 
Personally I could have spent all day there, but I didn't want to hog the facility. It's nude friendly, but you don't have to be nude to enjoy it. If you do visit the place don't forget to leave a tip, they don't ask for any more payment than that for this wonderful opportunity.  For CMNF Naughty News, I'm Zimmi Warwick

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

To all our friends, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and others who have given their lives for us.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Body Physics

Trying a new trick. Hope you like it.     

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a little something

My next full report is in the works. In the meantime. . .
Congratulations to the men an women of the US armed forces and intelligence community.