Saturday, February 20, 2010

Art 101 Assignment 6

This is the last of Art 101 assignments: "Freestyle!  Using raw materials and Gimp create three artistic pieces. Use whatever combination of filters and effects you want. This is your final exam."

Okay, Professor Outlander did insist that I could use any image programs I liked, and I have a copy of Painter 10 that I needed to practice with, so....
My original SL Photograph was taken in a place called *Secret Garden* on a sim called "Nude." Dispite the name, most folks there seemed to be dressed, and I was hit on by more boys there than I have been in quite a while. But I loved this shot, this sim and the way this one turned out. I used Painter almost exculsively (I think I tweeked the colors a little in Photoshop).  I used the underpainting technique and some color matching. The only thing I'm not crazy about it the amount of canvas texturing. The tutorial says to turn it way down, and I actually had. But in looking at it the next day, I wish that I had saved a copy before I applied that texture because I'd tone it down a lot more if I had.

For this piece I started to use Painter again, but I wasn't crazy about how it was coming out. So I brought the original and the Painter version into Photoshop and started playing with some of the technics from the earlier lessons. This has some of the "line drawing" lesson applied to it, and some of the Warhol concept, though I chose a different approach. Over all I really like this one.

The final  piece is pure GIMP again. I took a shot from an earlier project and played with it over and over using all the lessons, until I came up with this. Again it has a little bit of everything in it, but not exactly the way the tutorial called for it. I thought it was interesting how the color tiles had hardly any effect on the base of the statue, and on certain parts of the "skyscraper." I can't tell you why this happened, but I like the outcome.

Art 201 assignments are out at Hillcrest College, along with Art 101. It's easy enough to pick them up if you'd like to try your hand at this. And kinda fun too. You certainly don't need to invest it software since Gimp is a freeware program. I'd love to see your work.

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