Thursday, February 4, 2010


I haven't been able to write anything this week. The demands of RL have left me with very little free time. So instead here are some quick and dirty (but not in a sexual way) pictures Max took of me when he dragged me to NASA.

These had to be rushed because when I first got there, the moderator didn't even like my dress!

There's absolutely no accounting for taste. 

But Max really wanted to take these, and what can I say, he's been a good friend for a long time.
And we were careful as usual. Still it's time for me to blast off. Next week I hope to have a full blown Naughty Report for you. And very soon some more of my Art 101 homework.


  1. We have all missed our Zimmi and are saddened to learn RL has taken you from us these past days. My wish is that your absence has been/is happy, profitable, or better still, both.

    While at NASA, you were certainly the star attraction. I send warm wishes from several of your digital friends who look forward to your future blog posts.

  2. What Sage said. Missing you (wipes little tear).