Thursday, April 22, 2010


While its always difficult to pin down the philosophy of a diverse group, most Naturists will agree that they enjoy life more without clothing. Naturists apparently enjoy the sun on their skin and sharing it with family friends and pets. For some it's a lifestyle with deep philosophical foundations. For others it's a skinny dip in a friends hot tub. But for just about all, it's not about sex.

Unless we're talking about Second Life.™ In our little virtual world we have to constantly remind residents that naturism and erections do not mix.

Even the best of Naturist sites are seen as pick-up spots by many of the patrons. Maybe not the regulars who know each other, but for the casual visitors it's a meat market with fresh meat.
It doesn't really help that lots of the sites that list "Naturism" or "Nudist" are at best ugly sex markets for the newbies that make the Lindens cringe when they're talked about in media (waves)

I really think it's possible to have an actual Naturist existence in a virtual world. Just as it's possible to kick back and drink a few with your buddies. You just have to be very careful, choose your hangouts wisely (and maybe your buddies too).


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