Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"One Rose Says More Than A Dozen" --Wendy Craig

Certainly the Rose Theatre Opera House in Angel Manor speaks volumes. This sim-wide build is one of the most beautiful constructions I've yet seen in Second Live™.

It's wonderfully easy to fine your way around too, with handy directories at your avatar fingertips.
But of course the thing I noticed right away was the complete lack of dress code. Very progressive for any sim in SL™ let alone a PG one.

Inside the Rose are no less than 3 separate theaters. The Cinema, with detailed instructions on viewing the films. The film changes each week.

The spectacular Opera Theater,  with a full stage, wings and lots of room for sets and huge performances. Plus the full seating for the audience and 10 private boxes.
And lots and lots and lots of seating. It's available for rent too, in case you wish to stage your own performance of Evita or Glee. I'm just not sure how people will hear you in the cheep seats.

And of course there is the Grand Ballroom, with a stage suitable for live music performances and plenty of room for dancing, and a balcony.

Upstairs from the theaters are several more areas open to the public, including this large reception room, called the Grand Hall. It's perfect for a wedding feast, awards dinner or meeting of the Five Families.

This is just one of three art galleries with active exhibits.

And there are several private areas in the upstairs too, for quiet conversations.
As magnificent as the interior of the Theater is, the gardens and ground should not be missed.

Owner and builder, Kaya Angel, says on his web site that he's temporarily suspended any new events at the Rose, due to his RL obligations, but he hopes to be back in business soon. Until then, he's left us one spectacular rose to explore and enjoy. Reporting for Naughty News, I'm Zimmi Warwick.

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