Friday, July 9, 2010

On the Mother Road

What could be better than a trip down historic Route 66? I was on my way to Venice Beach and figured I'd take the scenic route. Unfortunately my car broke down outside of some little town along the way, so I had no choice but to go into town and try to call for help. After all, naked reporters don't have anywhere to carry a cell phone.

I guess they had some trouble with bad behavior in the past because the entrance to town was plastered with warning signs. After agreeing not to break any of their rules, they let me past the checkpoint and it was time to find a phone.

The one at the local watering hole took a while to get working but I finally got a hold of some friends who promised to come pick me up. It was going to take them a while so I figured I'd take the opportunity to look around a bit.

At some point on their Route 66 journey, everyone should get their picture taken with the Route 66 sign, so that was my first priority.

And I couldn't miss a chance to get a shot with this lovely classic car. After some looking around, I settled down to wait in the church. It was a quaint little thing, looked like it had been abandoned for a while. So when my friends showed up they caught me goofing around on the pulpit. . . just reading, I promise. They were all more than happy to get in on the fun.
Here's Suzette Elan, on her knees and saying her prayers like a good little girl. I could probably make a Catholic Priest joke here but I think I'll let it go.
That's Chritiana Xevion in the pews listening to my sermon on the evils of. . .ok, I admit, I was reading Letters To Penthouse to everyone when. . .
the gorgeous Aeonlatex Cerise made her dramatic entrance. This rubber dolly never does anything halfway.
First stop was the service station, where they'll fill you up or clean your pipes depending on what you need. After a quick conference around the table we planned to get some drinks, grab a bite to eat and head for Venice Beach again. The vending machine fare was nothing to write home about but at least Aeon had boots to hide a wallet in so we could get a little something.

Across the street was an air strip. We spent a little time playing WWII pinup girl but since the plane wasn't big enough to carry us all (and no one knew how to fuel it let alone fly it) we figured we should probably leave it where it was.

The diner, like the rest of town, was deserted but they had a jukebox, pinball and ice cream. What more could a girl ask for?

The best part of an abandoned town? Free booze! Properly liquored up, we were ready to head on to the beach. That's a story on it own but maybe a little sneak peak wouldn't hurt.
Live from Venice Beach, this is Prof Outlandish reminding you that the best way to keep your clothes from getting sweaty when you work out is to take them off.

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