Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strip Poker

The event: strip poker.
The contestants: Cal Kondo, Cain Odgar, and Zimmi Warwick.
The stakes: looser gets tied up and interviewed.
The results: the following interview.
The winner:  you!

After the game we dismissed to a nearby dungeon so that we could tie up our interviewee. After finding the proper cuffs we got her attached to a Saint Andrew's cross. My honorary photographer (who also chose to be naked) noticed that Cal still had her panties on, and suggested she remove them. "If you want the panties you have to take them," she told him. So Cain happily snatched away her last vestige of modesty in a ham-handed fashion, leaving her squirming.

Cain Odgar: Is making her squirm during the interview fair?
Zimmi Warwick watches as Cain teases Cal, "Oh, Interviews make lots of people squirm
Cal Kondo: I'll be brave.

So very bravely, Cal told us about herself, been in SL for years now, builds, runs a couple of businesses, and plays strip poker about once a week. " I don;t always loose.though…. Once. I was playing with a guy and he lost. I made him become a girl. And I dressed him, he was cute."  The vainly trying to pull her legs together while Cain snapped some pictures she explained her worst forfeit. " I had to find a guy at a sex club. He hid. He dressed me as a slut to start. I had 10 minutes to find him, then I had to be naked. Then I had to follow any requests I got...but I found him just after the 10 minutes."

Cal doesn't think she's a nudist, "I like clothes. I just adore taking them off."  Like other people I know she likes to be seen nude, but isn't really into the nude beach scene. " Well, when you do that. it's not sexual. but some people find it sexual. I don't want to be in those sexual situations. I like to tease. I like the erotic.I like all sorts of erotic things. Just not running through 100 animations on a sex bed in silence."

My photographer Cain seemed to be getting a little frisky at this point, asking her if she liked to be teased too, and who she had been hoping would loose the game. " I played the game honestly. I tried not to lose. I honestly didn't care. That's the fun of strip games. You do not know what will happen. no expectations. just see where it goes, and be surprised! No drama or emotional games. I love these sorts of experiences. I wasn't really expecting it today though."

You can find some of Cal's builds at Table Warehouse and Dakoira Cao Latex. And look forward to reading some of her adventures right here, as she's our newest Naughty Reporter.

For CMNF Naughty News, I'm Zimmi Warwick


  1. Congratulations for you blog. Its really fantastic, I will put in my blog a link for yours.
    Priscila Balogh

  2. oh wow that's spooky! i live on that island XD found this blog randomly while surfing!

  3. Well, welcome to the blog Nimil. I hope you enjoy it and stick around :D