Monday, May 31, 2010

Sports Report

With the long holiday weekend I got to participate in some non-bedroom sports at Ralf's Dark Paradise. ( ). While I hesitate to call Soap Ball the latest or greatest craze in SL™, I do think that this is the kind of sport that should be encouraged. Teams can be as many as one each or as many will fit on the playing field. Uniforms are discouraged though.
The game itself is played like soccar (football for most of the world, but hey, I'm an obnoxious American) in there are two goals on opposite sides of the playing field. You must manipulate the soap ball into the goal, while crabwalking around the field.
Sounds simple enough, right? Well, remember that people get kinda soapy in this event, and aren't wearing much, if anything at all. Physical contact is inevitable while you're fighting to control that soap.
It's entirely possible to get confused and find yourself out of position, then before you know it the other team has scored. Of course, the consequences of each game are entirely up to you, some people may play just for fun.
Soap Baller is available from OmniPotent Animations  (or if you want the non-adult store).
Reporting for CMNF News, I'm Zimmi Warwick.

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