Monday, April 19, 2010


There are times when feel like exploring, and times when I want to stay closer to home. Tonight I took a trip to an old favorite of mine, The Blarney Stone in Dublin.

It's been a favorite of mine since I joined SL™ and I'm guessing a favorite of lots of others too, since unlike most bars in the game, it's still around. It's really a marvelous joint, almost always rockin', lots of people around to chat with and possibly make friends. There's frequent live shows too. The music skews toward the Celtic, but then what did you expect?
Not this night though, it was your typical crowded jukebox night in Dublin, the steam wafting back from the Guinness brewery. Okay, I'll admit I was disappointed I didn't get more IMs but then I didn't get any complaints either. so I'll say I broak even.

Still if you're looking for a great night out, I can't think of a better place than the Blarney Stone. And pour me a cold one, I may need it.

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