Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hyde Park


DATELINE 24 December 2009

Just before Christmas my photographer, Max, and I visited Hyde Park Virtual-Linked's community gateway in the London England UK sim. Standing outside the Dell Restaurant we found a international gathering of avatars, young and old.

This lovely tribute to British park just outside Westminster Abby is a basic learning center, offering detailed instructions on everything from opening a box to operating "Search" to connecting to voice.

They even include a "Sandbox" for you building or adjusting needs, with helpful advice and free building textures.

In addition to this memorial honoring England's brave soldiers, Hyde Park has a recreation of the Princess Diana Memorial. Each of these offers a place of peaceful reflection, away from the crowds.

But that doesn't mean you won't meet a friendly soul to share a few kind words or make sure you haven't sat in something.

Of course Hyde Park is a PG rated sim, so you need to be careful when visiting, and don't expose too much or you may be ejected.

There's a great deal to see in the area than just the park. The build includes four other sims connected, they include Kensignton, Knights Bridge, Westminter and Mayfair with lots of shopping for the apparel minded.

Reporting from Hyde Park, I'm Zimmi Warwick, CMNF Naughty News

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