Sunday, August 22, 2010

Showing Some Skin

When I first joined Second Life™ I knew that I wanted to stand out. Everyone here is (or can be) beautiful. You don't even need to have a lot of cash invested in your avatar, if you're patient and work hard to find the right freebies. (See my posting on Hunts). As a newbie, I looked for the right bikini, the hottest clothing, great hair. But what I found that got the most attention was a skin with tan lines. As in real life, tan lines seem to strike a cord with some people. It "draws my eyes.....over her body," said one beach comber. On-line research lead me to quotes like "their sexy as hell" and "they're fun to find." Now I haven't worn that skin in a long time, or really even thought about it. But he recent advent of a tattoo layer in some of the SL viewers prompted a friend of mine to create a layer of tan lines that would work with most any skin.

No one in SL really needs to have tan lines. Since the virtual sun never really caresses the melanin of your pixel skin, the modesty that forms those lighter shades across your private parts isn't really an issue, even if you're not a Naughty Reporter. Going to a tanning bed is a totally absurd concept, unless you are doing it for role play purposes.

In fact, that same modesty in SL would probably lead you away from tan lines, simply because they do attract attention to those areas. If members of the opposite sex needed any other reason to examine your bits, having them just a little bit lighter, just subtly highlighted may be all that's needed to set them over the edge.  Or in the words of someone I interviewed for this piece: tan lines "can be quite sexy. because in a way they are negative clothing." I thought that quote was particularly interesting as it came from a nudist.

Still tan lines are not universally loved. A pornographer I hope to interview soon told me he wouldn't use someone with tan lines in his movies. " I prefer no, to avoid can looks sexy or not depends of the girl." "I think NO lines and no 'white Bunny tail' looks the HOTTEST," said another forum respondent. Personally, I still think they look hot in the right circumstances. What's your opinion? hit the comment button and leave my your thoughts.  For CMNF Naughty News, I'm Zimmi Warwick


  1. I think you nailed it with your commentary. Tan lines can, under the right circumstances, call attention to your nudity, heightening it's erotic impact.

    But, if everyone had them, or if you wore tan lines ALL the time, that impact would fade.

    On the other hand, there's no negative to having tan lines. After a while, it would become a part of "Your Look". It wouldn't make you any better or worse then anyone else, it would just be one of those things that make you special.

  2. Great insight, Ravik, and thank you for sharing. Yes, over time I think people would just get used to seeing you like that. But don't you think you'd notice the tanline on someone new?