Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dancing with a New Toy

A fan of the web site, and shared a new gadgit with me today. It's a script that, in combination with RLV, will strip off the contents of a folder, lock you out of inventory and prevent teleporting for a set number of seconds, THEN it redresses you!
OMG what fun.
You have to actually edit the script to change the times, but I can imagine this little device making a big splash, should the creator choose to market it.
So here I am, dancing at Beachwood Club. Not a PG place but one with packed with avatars. When I was here there seemed to be people from all over the world, Russians, Brazilians, all kinds of languages I didn't understand. It was all pretty cool.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
I went ahead and stuck the script in a spanker, so if you see me on-line some time, try it, you might catch me wearing it.


  1. Hihi Elena showed me your blog, I made that script and if your interested in custom stuff or have any interesting ideas contact me :D

  2. Cool Kotetsu, I think it's a great toy, especially in my spanker. I think Sage is gonna post some pictures soon.